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The Temporary Tattoo Curse Strikes Again

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People never seem to learn the lesson from other people who have gone through this. It’s almost a guarantee that once you get a lover’s name tattooed on you or getting a portrait of them tattooed on your body that you are going to break. This is not something that people pull in the air-it’s a proven fact.For some unknown reason is not a curse in these temp tattoos los angeles tattoos. So if you are in a very happy relationship and feel the need to get a tattoo of the name of your lover or to get a portrait of them in their body just won’t do. Within a short period of time the curse of the tattoo will take place in their relationship and there will be more.It seems that, rapper, and songwriter manufacturers learned this lesson the hard way to Jermain Dupri as everyone does. Let’s face it just because you’re a celebrity doesn’t mean that the curse of the tattoo has no effect on you, in all sincerity that seems to happen more at celebrities because they don’t learn from the mistakes of other celebrities.A few months ago, Jermaine, it would be a wonderful idea to get this huge tattoo his body of the Virgin Mary, with the exception of the Virgin was actually his girlfriend of seven years, Janet Jackson. As you can imagine the curse hit the tattoo and the pair are no longer together. So if you are thinking about getting a tattoo of the name of a lover or a portrait of them simply don’t do it!His friend Tattoo,

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